Tuesday, January 3, 2012

On Saturday, March 24, 2012, the Asia Law Society at the University of Michigan Law School will convene a symposium entitled "Development or Impediment: Trends of Intellectual Property in Asia."

Asian countries occupy a wide variety of positions in global production chains, the result of which are diverse and fast-changing perspectives on intellectual property (IP) issues. With a large labor force and vast consumer market, Asia has become an indispensable player in world business. Transfer and enforcement of IP laws among Asian countries is an increasingly critical and complex task for multinational organizations. The spectrum of IP regimes in Asia has a serious impact on the entire global community.
This symposium will be a multifaceted exploration of the intersection of IP law and Asian countries' economic, public policy, artistic and cultural development. Our panelists will explore the differences between enacted laws and actual practices in an effort to understand to what extent IP regimes in Asia affect change. This question will be addressed within three major contexts: 1) fashion and the arts, 2) public health and pharmaceuticals, and 3) information technology and electronics.